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Take Your Health to the
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We are committed to providing the highest standard of traditional, integrative and functional medicine to individuals. We strive to provide personalized services that empower our patients to attain optimal health of their body, mind and spirit.

Care for
and their

Skilled Caring Physicians with 20 Years Experience as Mayo Clinic Staff Doctors

Dr. Angela O’Neil

Her certifications include:
  • Board-Certification in Family Medicine [ABFM]
  • Fellowship Trained in Integrative Medicine
  • Board-Certification in Integrative Medicine [ABOIM]
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner [IFMCP]
  • Certified teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction [MBSR]
  • Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner
  • Formal training in Sexual Medicine [A4M]
  • Formal training in Hypnosis and Healing Touch
  • Certified teacher of Infant and Pediatric Massage
  • Formal training in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
  • North American Menopause Society Certified Practitioner [NAMS]
  • Fellowship Training in ADD/ADHD

Dr. Robert Sheeler

He has been certified and trained in:
  • Board-Certification in Family Medicine [ABFM]
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner [IFMCP]
  • Board-Certification in Integrative Medicine [ABOIM]
  • Board-Certification in Integrative-Holistic Medicine [ABIHM]
  • Board-Certification in Urgent Care
  • Certified Subspecialist in Headache Medicine by the
    United Council of Neurologic Subspecialists [UCNS]
  • Certified teacher of Evidence Based Taiji-Qigong
  • Reiki Master
  • Formal training in Hypnosis and Healing Touch
  • Formal training in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
  • North American Menopause Certified Practitioner [NAMS]
  • Inner Relationship Focusing Certified Teacher

Three Reasons to Choose Next Level Concierge

At Next Level Concierge, we work to create a focus on your health delivered in the ways most suited to your priorities and your style. We take a limited number of patients compared to other practices which allows us to know you better and customize the care you get to your wants and needs.

Doctors in most traditional medical practices have 2000-2500 patients. Most concierge doctors have 400-600 patients per doctor. At Next Level Concierge we have 100-150 patients per doctor.

The three cornerstones of what makes us unique are:

  2. BEST OF BOTH – Traditional Western Medicine and Integrative/Functional Medicine Approaches
  3. LEADING EDGE MEDICINE UPDATES AND PERSPECTIVE – Updates on developments in medicine customized and delivered to you.

Personalized Precision Medicine

At Next Level Concierge, we first want to get to know you and understand your health concerns and priorities. We used advanced biomarkers and imaging to get a comprehensive view of your overall health. About 70% of our patients do Genomic testing that allows us to target specific pathways to modify their long-term health outcomes.

We use nutritional and lifestyle approaches as a foundation. On top of that, we use Rx pharmaceuticals and Natural Medicine supplements to optimize your biomarkers, your energy, your stamina, and overall wellbeing. We believe in mind-body-spirit approaches to medicine and allow you to guide the approach to using what elements you want as part of your medical care.

By using advanced testing and looking for early-stage trends, we can help you identify problems before you have symptoms. Early-stage prevention is key to optimizing health and preventing symptomatic disease.

Best of Both

At Next Level Concierge, we combine the best of both Traditional Western Medicine and Integrative/Functional Medicine. The choice is yours. Many of our patients want a blend of the two, while others have a strong preference for one or the other approach.

We are both traditionally trained M.D.s and spent the majority of our career together at Mayo Clinic in Rochester where we cared for patients and families over time. We both taught extensively at Mayo Medical School. Dr. Sheeler also taught neuropharmacology and became a Headache Specialist.

Both of us studied Integrative and Functional Medicine extensively. Dr. O’Neil completed Andrew Weil’s Integrative Medicine fellowship in Tucson. Both of us certified in Integrative and Functional Medicine based on the additional training we did.

We believe that every therapy, whether it is a surgical procedure, a new pharmaceutical product or a supplement should be analyzed through a lens that considers a number of factors including:

  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Availability
  • Reimbursement

Working with our patients on an individual basis we weigh each of these factors higher or lower for any type of treatment. This helps us come to the choice that is most suited to their situation and their personal philosophy and preferences.

What is Private Medicine?

As medical care in America and the larger world has evolved access to highly trained, skilled and experienced physicians has declined. Sometimes it is difficult to find a doctor at all. Other times you may find a doctor who has over 2,000 patients and they are stretched so thin that you really don’t get much of their time and attention unless you are critically ill. Often you don’t see the same person for follow up or you see their team members who are not physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept any forms of private insurance. We do accept Medicare for Medicare covered services but all members both Medicare and Non-Medicare must pay our yearly membership fee to be a part of our practice. For non-Medicare patients, this includes the annual physical, follow up visit, and acute visits as delineated along with access to complementary medicine, functional medicine and integrative medicine care and services as outlined. For Medicare patients, the annual fee covers access to care for services not covered by Medicare such as care and services based on complementary medicine, functional medicine and integrative medicine, hypnosis, narrative medicine, Anti-fragility, T’ai Chi, Qigong, and MBSR, advanced medication techniques, and certain biofeedback or device based approaches.

Yes, we are not an insurance plan or service of any type. If you have private insurance or do not have insurance our membership and all services are strictly on a cash basis. If you have Medicare our fees are strictly designated to cover services that are not covered by Medicare. Either way your regular insurance will still be needed to cover hospitalizations, surgery, ER Visits, Specialty Care, and any other medical services not performed in our office.

Yes, we provide phone follow up and if appropriate office care outside of traditional office hours if needed.

You may choose any hospital system for your hospital care. We will coordinate your aftercare and follow-up ongoing care post-hospitalization but we do not dictate what hospital you should choose. We will work with specialists of all types from any hospital system to coordinate your care.

We provide care for snowbirds at no additional charge beyond our membership fee and usual and customary charges. We will provide coordination of care in your other location or locations and while you are traveling to the extent it is feasible and permissible by regulations. We do need to see you once a year for ongoing care when you are here in Arizona.
We welcome international patients. We provide detailed consultation and testing when we see you here at our offices in Arizona. After that as is permitted we are available for secure portal email, phone, and telemedicine consultations as well as coordination of our services with other care to the extent possible.

Yes, we use HIPAA compliant secure cloud based encrypted medical records. We can access these records through the cloud by a secure portal and can coordinate care, prescribe medication, or check details of your medical history from both the office and remote locations. Our medical record interfaces with a secure phone app. called Spruce. The practice pays a fee for this service but it is available to you at no additional charge beyond your membership. This app. supports both text and direct phone contact with your doctors.

Dr. Sheeler, I just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me over the years. Your positive and motivative talks have influenced me greatly and I want you to know that I really appreciate you being my physician over the last 20 something years! I thank you so much and think that you are a wonderful physician and nobody else will compare to you! I wish you the best!
Robert D. Sheeler, M.D. was our Mayo Clinic primary care physician for over twenty-five years, he treated our entire family. Dr. Sheeler is an outstanding physician who treats all his patients with utmost dignity and respect. He treats the entire person keeping in mind your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. He demonstrates compassion; he listens and takes all the time necessary to gather what he needs to treat your symptoms. Dr. Sheeler incorporates traditional medicine along with integrative medicine giving you the patient personal choices.

Dr. Sheeler’s approach to medicine is innovative. He utilizes his incredibly well-rounded medical knowledge and education while appropriately networking with colleagues that have diverse expertise in medical and surgical specialties when necessary. Dr. Sheeler engages with his patients in their treatment plans and offers options they are comfortable with resulting in the patient having the final say in their medical care.
Dr. Robert Sheeler was our family Doctor for many years. He always gave excellent care to myself and our family.

He saved our daughters life and we will be forever grateful to him.

He is hardworking, intelligent, caring, diligent, honest and compassionate.He is a great leader.

He goes above and beyond to help people.

I know he will be successful and a huge asset to the Integrative Medicine Clinic.
Dr, Robert Sheeler was our family doctor at Mayo Clinic for more than twenty years. Our loss is Arizona’s gain! His care, dedication, friendship and love for his patient’s well being is second to none. Doc’s attention to detail and perseverance results in the identification and resolution of health issues. Just one year ago he identified a major health issue for me and I am now about to have a life-saving bone marrow transplant. I am fortunate I trusted my life with Dr. Sheeler.
I just wanted to take a few moments to tell you how unbelievably blessed I was to have you as my physician. You always took the time to listen even when you didn’t have the time to take. Not only did you mend me physically but also spiritually. Always reminding me to trust in our ultimate healer, Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Even though nowadays that may not be politically correct. You certainly have seen me go through my ups and downs. I’m so grateful that you believed in me years ago before my Endometriosis was diagnosed. For awhile there I thought I was crazy. I remember you taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to my “Grammie’s” funeral. It meant so much to myself and my family. You will truly be missed, always remembered, and NEVER replaced. Thank you for giving so much of you and being much more than just a physician. I wish you the very best in your new endeavors. You deserve the utmost happiness…
It has been my privilege to have Dr. Robert Sheeler as my primary care physician for approximately 15 years. He is a kind, warm and thorough caregiver, who time and time again has gone the extra mile not only for myself, but for my family as well.

In this day and age of ‘drive-thru’ medicine, Dr. Sheeler is the exception, and is truly a wonderful physician.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone seeking top notch medical care. He is truly one of a kind!
I just wanted to contact you and tell you congratulations and good luck. I cannot say that I wasn’t devastated to get your letter about your retirement. You had such an immense impact on me as my physician over the last 15+ years. The way you looked at each case made me feel like I was in great hands, you never pushed any treatments and had a very logical outlook with everything. You treated me as a person and not just a patient going through the motions. I just wanted to say that I am grateful that I had you as my doc and your replacement will have to live up to some hefty expectations. You will be greatly missed by both me and my family.

Good luck in your future and thank you.
Dr. O’Neil was my physician in Rochester, MN for at least 15 years. After my first appointment, I knew she was a great fit as my doctor. After my children were out of the very young child age (9 and 12 years of age) I transitioned their care to her because I knew they have a great practitioner who cared about them as people, not just another patient.

Dr. O’Neil always took the time needed to understand my medical concerns. I never felt rushed. I always felt like she cared about me and really wanted to help me. She also asked about how I was doing in general. What was going on with my life, my family? I could contact her outside of office hours if I really had a burning question or concern and she would take time to talk to me.

I really miss her as not only my physician, but as a positive, personal relationship in my life.
Dr. O’Neil has been my primary physician for 13 years. She is caring, kind, thorough, and very knowledgeable. She expertise and experience is vast, but just as importantly, she takes the time to listen and truly hear you as a patient. I couldn’t ask for a better physician to care for me.
My children also relied heavily on her as they matured. They refer to her by her first name and know they can call her with questions and medical requests. I really admire and trust Dr. O’Neil. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with her for as long as I did. She will be sorely missed in our community because she is a truly capable, caring and gifted healer. Dr. O’Neil makes a very positive impact on the people in her life. She will be a great asset to her new community!
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