Part of being a member of our Private Concierge Practice is access to care and services based on a number of different traditions and technologies that are beyond the usual offerings of a medical practice. These are services that are not included in traditional medical practice. They represent areas in which we have additional training and expertise. As a member of our practice you may choose to have care that includes and is informed by or based on the elements of these different approaches to medicine. Your membership fee in our practice grants you access to care using or based on elements and understanding of these various approaches. You may also choose not to avail yourselves of them and merely know that they are in the background and available if needed but always informing our approach to care that goes beyond Traditional Western Medicine.

Sexual Health

In both of our practices over the years we spent considerable amounts of time talking with our patients about sexual matters ranging from libido and sexual function issues to relationship concerns. We are both quite comfortable in talking with you about whatever concerns you may have. We can offer you both Traditional Western Medicine approaches as well as Functional Medicine and Integrative approaches to this care. Dr. O’Neil is also completing additional training in sexual health through the A4M. We know that sometimes you want to talk to a member of the same sex about your specific issues, and sometimes you would prefer not to talk to someone of the same sex about an issue. Whoever you are you can talk to whatever gender provider you wish about such concerns. In our practice, we are both available for whatever you need, you just need to let us know your preferences. We also respect your preferences and orientation whatever they may be.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction [MBSR]

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or MBSR is a specific approach to care that helps bring presence to the current moment. By doing so many of the regrets of the past and worries about the future fade into the background. For we can only truly live in the present moment. Using specific techniques and teaching strategies we can help you to improve your focus on the present and learn to balance your mental processes. Dr. O’Neil is trained as a teacher of MBSR. Back to top

Taiji-Qigong / Energy Medicine / Reiki / Healing Touch

Dr. Sheeler is a Taiji-Qigong master who has had years of training with a number of different high-level teachers. He practices Taiji and Qigong on a regular basis and incorporates the principles into his life. He offers both care based on Taiji-Qigong principles and with higher levels of service individualized instruction sessions on both Taiji and Qigong may be included in your care if you so desire. Many different principles including foundational elements such as lying, sitting, and standing meditation, as well as movement-based exercises, agility training and from practice, are all included in the practices of Taiji-Qigong. He is also a Reiki Master. Both Dr. Sheeler and Dr. O’Neil have training in Healing Touch. Back to top

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is a foundational understanding in Integrative Medicine training and something which we have both studied extensively both out of interest and because it is emphasized in our Integrative Medicine Board Certification Exams. We believe that there are times when herbal medicines offer advantages over standard pharmacotherapy, and times when the reverse is true. Dr. O’Neil has done additional training under one of the world’s leading herbalists – Dr. Tieraona Low Dog. Back to top


Both Dr. Sheeler and Dr. O’Neil have done additional training in hypnosis. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis but for those who are hypnotizable it can be a way to access and inform different parts of yourself about important life issues in ways that go beyond what is available in the normal waking state. We only use hypnosis for medical concerns and performance issues. If you choose to use hypnosis in your care it is something that is always completely under your control. Hypnosis should not be used when you are under extreme duress and is contraindicated when there is pending litigation as it may invalidate future testimony. Back to top

Inner Relationship Focusing

Inner Relationship Focusing is a mind-body technique that is deeper than normal waking states but lighter than most types of meditation. It uses specific pathways to guide you to a place where you can use body feelings and images that arise to gain access to wider aspects of your whole-body wisdom than are available to you in your normal waking state. This process can be used for a wide variety of issues ranging from healing past trauma, to untangling areas where you are stuck in your life to improving creativity or your golf game. Dr. Sheeler is a practitioner and has been certified as a teacher of Inner Relationship Focusing. Sessions typically take 40-50 minutes although they may be longer or shorter. Back to top

Advanced Nutrition Training

Through our training with the Institute for Functional Medicine we are both trained to use a variety of different intensive dietary approaches. These can be used to dampen systemic inflammation, to treat specific medical conditions, and for a variety of other processes. Dr. O’Neil is also a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner through the training program run by Deanna Minich, R.D. who is a longstanding faculty member at the Institute for Functional Medicine. Back to top


Anti-Fragility is a term and concept coined by Nassim Taleb, a thoughtful scholar who noted that there is a state of health above and beyond resilience. In resilience, the attribute that is most desirable is to be able to recover complete functioning to the state you were in when some type of insult, illness, or injury occurred. While this is a splendid goal, anti-fragility is even better. In an anti-fragile state the goal is not only to return to baseline but to grow stronger, more complex, more complete and to achieve higher levels of function based on your physical, mental and spiritual experiences and growth that occur from going through any challenging experience. This is a special interest of Dr. Sheeler’s and he is happy to work with any of our patients on ways to maximize anti-fragility. Back to top

Advanced Biofeedback

Both Dr. O’Neil and Dr. Sheeler have done advanced training in a variety of biofeedback techniques including Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback, Respiratory Biofeedback, Thermal and EMG Biofeedback. Dr. O’Neil has also done HeartMath training. All of these techniques are available to our patients in the office. We have also done training on Neurofeedback [EEG Based Brain Wave Biofeedback] and although we don’t offer this in the office we will work closely with practitioners who do this and recommend it when it may be the most advantageous approach. Back to top

Audiovisual Entrainment [AVE]

Audiovisual Entrainment Devices use a combination of light and sound to synchronize brain rhythms into certain patterns. This can be helpful for a variety of conditions ranging from ADHD to sleep issues. It can also enhance learning and memory. We have AVE treatment devices available in our office and we can arrange AVE sessions as well as purchase of equipment when it is of interest and value in your care. Dr. Sheeler has done additional training and certification in this realm and is currently pursuing further study as well. Back to top

Narrative Medicine

Narrative Medicine uses the power of story to heal, your own story. Many of us are passive characters in our own lives. Narrative Medicine is a Spirit Level practice in that it helps you to connect to your purpose and become the author of your own story during your lifetime instead of being a passive participant. Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, a Native American Healer, Psychiatrist, and Family Medicine Physician is one of the leading proponents and experts on Narrative Medicine. Dr. Sheeler has studied his work and met Dr. Mehl-Madrona and uses Narrative Medicine in his practice when it is of interest to patients who wish to include such an approach in their care. Back to top

Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine

In our understanding, the Mind-Body-and Spirit all resonate as one being. Yet they can be addressed as separate aspects of being in ways that can be healing. Whether in times of crisis or when seeking higher levels of peak health, we believe that addressing all three aspects of being leads to better results. We allow and encourage each patient to let us know of their own personal traditions, beliefs and preferences and how they would like these incorporated into their medical care. This can range from not at all to seeking other resources to grow and integrate these aspects of life. Back to top

Advanced Meditation Techniques

We do use meditation for ourselves and in many aspects of teaching that we do. We are trained in and use several different types of meditation. Some are inwardly focused and others are centered on an outward focus. They may involve breath techniques, biofeedback enhanced meditation, chanting, as well as techniques we have learned from Taiji/Qigong masters that include lying, sitting, standing, and walking meditation. Meditation is one of the fastest ways to accelerate personal development. We offer meditation teaching and coaching to any of our concierge patients who wish to pursue it to improve their health or their consciousness. Back to top

Pediatric And Infant Massage

Dr. O’Neil is trained in both Pediatric and Infant massage. She is a teacher of Neonatal Massage which was the most popular patient education course at Mayo Clinic when she taught it. Teaching parents about massage for their children or neonates is something that brings great joy to her as she loves babies and children. It can also be a valuable way for parents to connect with older children when the family dynamic supports it as it is one of the best known stress relievers. Back to top