As medical care in America and the larger world has evolved access to highly trained, skilled and experienced physicians has declined. Sometimes it is difficult to find a doctor at all. Other times you may find a doctor who has over 2,000 patients and they are stretched so thin that you really don’t get much of their time and attention unless you are critically ill. Often you don’t see the same person for follow up or you see their team members who are not physicians.

In these circumstances, much of the care you get is reactive to what happens instead of being proactive. You are always putting out fires instead of figuring out how not to get lit on fire in the first place.

What’s Different About Our Practice

  • Longer visit lengths, relaxed unhurried care
  • Same-day / next-day appointment availability
  • Access to people who will answer your calls and your questions
  • Proactive Health Assessments and Action Plans to take charge of and monitor your health on a regular basis, not just when something goes wrong
  • Leading edge medical practices applying the latest findings and technologies
  • Comprehensive multi-modal evaluation and treatment plans
  • Doctors dedicated to you who have less than 1/20th as many patients each compared to traditional institutional medicine
  • Access to care informed by many traditions and practices including Taiji/Qigong, Mindfulness, Advanced Meditation Techniques, Sophisticated Mind-Body Work
  • Doctors who know you and care about you as an individual