Dr. Sheeler has a special interest and experience in headache and migraine disorders. His grandmother and his father both had migraines and he has had migraines as well. He knows firsthand what it’s like and has great empathy for headache sufferers. Dr. O’Neil also has a personal and family history of migraine and has also worked with many patients with migraine.

Dr. Sheeler’s interest in headache disorders led him to gain further experience in the field and to become a Certified Subspecialist in Headache Medicine through the United Council of Neurologic Subspecialists [UCNS]. He uses a combination of Traditional Western Medicine, Integrative and Functional Medicine approaches to treat headache disorders.

He is very proactive and systematic in working with headache patients to create a plan of care that maps a strategy to control or resolve their headache disorder. After regularly suffering from migraine for years having 2-3 headaches a week he found a combination of strategies that decreased his headaches to less than once a month as well as making them much milder in the meantime.

Headaches may have a number of contributing causes from environmental factors to neck problems which act as triggers. By addressing the various contributing factors, we have found that headache patterns can shift for many people. In our practice, we recommend everything from different types of biofeedback to nerve blocks to help reset headache thresholds and support our patients to achieve success in preventing and controlling their headaches.

There are many different ways to treat headaches. Our goal and philosophy is to present a variety of different choices to each patient with headaches so that they can choose what fits best with their culture and their personal philosophy and beliefs.