The challenges men face over time are significant. The fact that they come on gradually and may be subtler tends to draw less attention to them. We address issues related to sexuality such as erectile dysfunction and low libido as well as prostate and urinary related issues. We also address changes in body shape, muscle mass, strength and bone density in men when they are a concern. We believe it is often safer to use natural ways to balance and increase hormones than to prescribe testosterone unless it is significantly low.
In our practice, we spend time talking with men about things that they don’t usually talk about but are critical for their health. Things like relationships. Did you know that men who are married or have stable intimate relationships tend to live longer? Men need balanced and supportive relationships in their lives – significant others and trusted circles of friends. These things make as much difference at treating cholesterol or normalizing blood pressure. At different life stages, men have different priorities from:
By focusing on your concerns, we can help you optimize your health. You might want to use our services to build strength and avoid illness. You might just want to improve your golf game. Whatever your needs and goals we are happy to work with you to address them.