Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept any forms of private insurance. We do accept Medicare for Medicare covered services but all members both Medicare and Non-Medicare must pay our yearly membership fee to be a part of our practice. For non-Medicare patients, this includes the annual physical, follow up visit, and acute visits as delineated along with access to complementary medicine, functional medicine and integrative medicine care and services as outlined. For Medicare patients, the annual fee covers access to care for services not covered by Medicare such as care and services based on complementary medicine, functional medicine and integrative medicine, hypnosis, narrative medicine, Anti-fragility, T’ai Chi, Qigong, and MBSR, advanced medication techniques, and certain biofeedback or device based approaches.

Yes, we are not an insurance plan or service of any type. If you have private insurance or do not have insurance our membership and all services are strictly on a cash basis. If you have Medicare our fees are strictly designated to cover services that are not covered by Medicare. Either way your regular insurance will still be needed to cover hospitalizations, surgery, ER Visits, Specialty Care, and any other medical services not performed in our office.

Yes, we provide phone follow up and if appropriate office care outside of traditional office hours if needed.

You may choose any hospital system for your hospital care. We will coordinate your aftercare and follow-up ongoing care post-hospitalization but we do not dictate what hospital you should choose. We will work with specialists of all types from any hospital system to coordinate your care.

We provide care for snowbirds at no additional charge beyond our membership fee and usual and customary charges. We will provide coordination of care in your other location or locations and while you are traveling to the extent it is feasible and permissible by regulations. We do need to see you once a year for ongoing care when you are here in Arizona.
We welcome international patients. We provide detailed consultation and testing when we see you here at our offices in Arizona. After that as is permitted we are available for secure portal email, phone, and telemedicine consultations as well as coordination of our services with other care to the extent possible.

Yes, we use HIPAA compliant secure cloud based encrypted medical records. We can access these records through the cloud by a secure portal and can coordinate care, prescribe medication, or check details of your medical history from both the office and remote locations. Our medical record interfaces with a secure phone app. called Spruce. The practice pays a fee for this service but it is available to you at no additional charge beyond your membership. This app. supports both text and direct phone contact with your doctors.

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