Heart Disease Today

Over 50% of people who will suffer a heart attack do so without experiencing any prior symptoms and, unfortunately, more than 70% of patients who do end up having a heart attack are also considered low risk by traditional testing. We believe there’s a better, more personalized way to achieve heart health and avoid heart attacks.

A New Way Forward

NextLevel Concierge Care now offers the Cleerly coronary analysis to help you understand your personal risk of a heart attack – earlier, and with the highest precision available, before a cardiac event becomes inevitable.

What is Cleerly?

The Cleerly coronary analysis is a complete evaluation of the presence, amount, and type of plaque, the root cause of heart disease, in the heart’s arteries based on a Cardiac CT exam (CCTA). Images captured in the CCTA exam are processed by Cleerly software – a set of artificial intelligence based algorithms – and translated into measurements and reports for review by you and your physician. The results of the Cleerly analysis give a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s current state of disease for reference in ongoing heart health and treatment.

Are You Ready To Take Your Health to the Next Level?

The Silent Killer

More than 50% of people who will suffer a heart attack do so without experiencing any prior symptoms. That’s why we offer the Cleerly Coronary analysis to accurately assess your present-day heart disease risk before a cardiac event becomes inevitable.

The Next Generation of Cardiac Care

Powered by AI, this new approach supports the understanding of plaques using FDA-cleared technologies. Cleerly is the only test identifying how much and what type of plaque exists in your heart – especially the higher-risk soft plaque prone to rupture and cause heart attacks.

Learn more about Cleerly’s AI-enabled technology that identifies the presence, type, and amount of heart disease which improves understanding of heart attack risk, and empowers clinicians to personalize treatment for better outcomes.

Cleerly Patient Testimonial

Watch to learn how Terry Schemmel’s Cleerly coronary analysis identified significant heart disease and informed his personalized and lifesaving treatment to prevent a future heart attack.