Stacey Krumenacker, M.A., NBC-HWC

Stacey is a wellness coach and certified Pilates instructor who is passionate about healthy living and mindful movement. She received her master’s degree in health & wellness coaching, with a concentration in nutrition, from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She became a Nationally Board Certified Coach (NBC-HWC) in 2018. She has worked as a health coach since then, empowering people to make and maintain the behavior changes they want to see in their lives. She believes change and transformation are accessible to all.

Stacey received her Pilates certification from the Kane School of Core Integration (now “Kinected”) in New York City. She strives to see her pilates clients reach their personal strength and mobility goals by tailoring each class to fit their specific needs.

Stacey has always been inspired by mind-body movement practices. She began her yoga practice 1997 as an undergraduate student at Boston University. Her yoga practice continued while she was teaching English in Japan. She was certified to teach yoga at Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Tokyo in 2002. She taught there for over 14 years before returning to the United States. Additionally, she has studied Vipassana meditation, Thai massage and Reiki.

Stacey has a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, where she majored in Sociology and minored in Spanish. She speaks conversational Japanese and Spanish. Her interests include cycling, watching sunsets at the beach and listening to health podcasts, sometimes engaging in all three at once.


Stacey offers private at-home Zoom pilates sessions, allowing you to have a consistent practice from any location.

Her sessions are tailored to your fitness goals and unique physical needs (we all have them). She helps clients to develop an awareness and knowledge of their own bodies and to move more efficiently. She is equally inspired to help you work through injuries and/or maintain wellness. She works with individuals from a wide range of ages and experience levels to feel more empowered in their own bodies.

Working with Stacey will challenge you to build healthy alignment and strength from your inside (core) out. Combining pilates mat exercises and the use of props, you will learn to build balanced strength to promote better movement both on and off the mat. With consistent practice, the tools learned in class will:

  • aid in injury prevention
  • promote better posture
  • maintain strength & mobility as we age
  • make you feel good, physically & mentally

If you enjoy movement and want to fine-tune your body mechanics and mind-body awareness, you will benefit from working with Stacey.

All questions are welcome. Please contact Stacey at: or