Stabilize and Treat Heart and Blood Vessel Disease Introductory Program

To introduce people to our practice and our personalized precision approach to medicine and health optimization we have designed an introductory package centered around improving cardiovascular health through precisely targeted exercise.

It might surprise you to learn that high-intensity exercise though great for building the capacity to run faster and jump higher is actually not the ideal program to burn fat in the body and in the arteries including the coronary arteries and the blood vessels going to the head.

The exercise required for this is in a precise zone at the high end of light-moderate exercise. Until recently it required an expensive and near-maximal stress test with oxygen.

Now using sophisticated algorithms it can be identified using much lower levels of exercise.

By exercising in this target zone for 150-300 minutes per week it is possible to greatly improve the health of blood vessels. The doctors who identified this process found that it can Stabilize and even reverse the buildup of plaque in arteries throughout the body.



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