We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with a leading-edge genomics partner, IntellxxDNA. The company is unique in developing highly actionable insights that can make a huge difference in long term health outcomes.

Epigenetics is the understanding of which genes are turned on and which ones are turned off and factors that turn them on and off. We use this targeted information to help you protect and enhance your health now and in the future. We aim to prolong your health-span – the number of healthy years you have remaining in your life, not just how long your live.

IntellxxDNA offers three profiles:

We have done all three profiles ourselves and found them to provide useful insights that could potentially allow us to make health, wellness, and nutrition choices precisely targeted to personal genomic information – rather than general recommendations good for the whole population. We recommend doing all these profiles together.

Genomic testing

Whole Body MRI Scan

In partnership with SIMON MED Radiology group we are able to offer whole body MRI scan screening. This includes imaging of the head with special NeuroQuant Brain processing that looks at brain volumes and other indicators of cognitive function.

The full package for Whole Body MRI scanning also includes AI processing of liver images to look for fatty liver changes or iron deposition in the liver both of which can have implications for liver and systemic health. This advanced processing also includes AI processing of prostate images for men and ovarian images for women

Galleri by Grail

This is a DNA methylation test that looks for specific methylation patterns that are present in cancer cells. It is about 51% accurate overall in finding cancers and is better at finding cancers that are not detected by routine screening – as in it finds things like pancreatic cancer better than breast cancer. It picks up about 51% of cancers but when it says there is cancer present it is rarely due to a false positive test with accuracy in terms of specificity in the high 90%iles.

Cleerly Coronary Artery Imaging

Cleerly AI Coronary Artery Imaging examines imaging done with CT Scan based coronary angiography [Dye injected into a vein in the arm then filmed with CT imaging looking at the coronary arteries]. This test is highly accurate in evaluating each segment of the main and branch coronary arteries looking for both calcified and soft plaque. It is additionally able to look at plaque remodeling scores and to ascertain which are the most dangerous kinds of coronary plaque that are the most likely to be at risk of rupture.

Plaque rupture is the cause of many heart attacks.