Transcend time with the patented, clinically proven AgelessLX® formula.



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Banish Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Silica obtained from horsetail, as well as vitamin D and menaquinone-4, K2, contribute to the smooth, full, and elastic skin we all desire! The collagen produced when we supply our bodies with these nutrients gives our skin the nourishment it needs to keep us looking young and flawless.

Boost Energy & Endurance

The muscle-building power of HMB not only helps you to look ageless, it also helps you to feel ageless! The impact of age related muscle loss affects every cell in the human body. Through improving strength and endurance, HMB promotes energy and stamina so you can stay active and accomplish more.

Stronger, Longer Hair and Nails

The natural silica in horsetail has the unique ability to generate collagen in the body. Collagen provides the building blocks our body needs to create hair proteins and strengthen skin at the roots, leading to more robust, resilient hair, and less thinning.

Biotin keeps our cells healthy and energized. It supports the metabolism of protein-building amino acids, which are essential for nail strength and growth.

Burn More Fat

The beauty of HMB is that it doesn’t just improve muscle tone and stamina – it does all of that and more, in the most ideal way. HMB increases the amount of body fat we lose while protecting our muscles and encouraging lean body mass overall. So, we can get rid of the extra fat we don’t want, but preserve the strength and energy we need.

Muscle Gain, without the Pain

Muscle loss is one of the hallmarks of aging. HMB delivers exactly what the body’s muscles need, simultaneously decreasing muscle protein breakdown and increasing muscle protein synthesis. It improves strength gains, reduces damage from exercise, and is even more effective under stressors. When combined with vitamin D the results are even greater. We’ve included both in AgelessLX® to maximize your muscle-building benefits.


Proven Benefits

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. Each of the active ingredients in AgelessLX® has clinically proven health benefits to support issues often seen with aging.

Professional Quality

Investing in your health should be worry free – which is why AgelessLX® is lab tested, and GMP Quality Assured. So you know exactly what you’re getting in each bottle – a safe and effective defense against the effects of aging.

Clean Ingredients

AgelessLX® contains only ingredients of the highest quality and purity. Manufactured to be free of gluten, dairy, soy, tree nuts, and peanuts. Not Genetically Engineered.

Effective Formula

This comprehensive women’s formula was carefully curated by a team of clinical experts – who are also women, just like you – to reduce the undesirable effects of aging.

The Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Program Includes:



Ageless Transformations Includes:


2 Bottles of AgelessLX®

A two month supply of the revolutionary nutritional formula designed to help you age beautifully from the inside out.

5 Full Length Workout Videos

Join fitness experts for workouts that utilize multiple muscle groups simultaneously, for a full workout in less time. These workouts include exercises for beginners and experts alike.

Grip Strength Dynamometer

You’re probably thinking “Dy-What?-o-meter”. Believe it or not, it’s a very important clinical measurement tool, that is used to track your progress, and measure your results. It’s linked to longevity, quality of life, and even your risk for chronic disease.

Exercise Equipment

You’ll get one resistance tube with handles and three resistance bands, to challenge your workouts and optimize your strength throughout the program.

60 Unique Daily Workouts

We know, doing the same exercise every day is not only boring… it doesn’t lead to results. These expert created, travel-friendly workouts keep it fresh, fun, and fierce.

Personalized Nutrition Plan

There is no one perfect diet. Each of us has our own goals and challenges. The Ageless Transformations Nutrition Plan is a unique “flexitarian” approach designed to address your specific health goals. The plan utilizes the latest research to optimize body composition and fat loss when combined with AgelessLX.

Digital Cookbook

What nutrition plan is complete without a cookbook? With over 50 tested, Ageless recipes, this member favorite also includes shopping lists and menu plans. These tasty recipes upgrade your diet and boost your nutrition.

6 Clinical Experts

Connect with our team of clinical experts, sharing cutting edge science in all areas of aging well.

Online Educational Materials

Unlimited Access to the membership portal, loaded with tools to improve sleep and stress with aging, tips on healthy habit formation, troubleshooting, and much more!

BONUS Private Membership Community

An exclusive Facebook group where you can learn and share (and celebrate your progress!), with other women who are living Ageless.



Supplements and kits will be processed and shipped the same business day, for orders placed by 2pm Eastern, and normally take 2-3 days to arrive. You will receive an email confirmation with tracking information when your order is placed and another when it ships, so that you can monitor your order status.

Yes! Although we will be sending you daily emails related to the workout and topic of the day, you can absolutely join now and start the program at a later time. You can always save the emails in a folder and/or access the information through your online membership portal at your convenience.

You will have unlimited access to the online materials through the membership portal.

Yes! The active ingredients in AgelessLX® have been proven to: reduce fine facial lines and wrinkles, improve hair and nail thickness and strength, support energy and stamina, increase fat loss, muscle strength and lean muscle, and prevent muscle loss. To learn more, check out the research HERE.

The AgelessLX® supplement and Ageless Transformations program are designed for women who:

  • Want to improve the health and appearance of their skin, hair, and nails
  • Want to improve muscle tone and strength, and prevent muscle loss
  • Want to lose more weight and optimize body composition
  • Want to support bone and cardiovascular health
  • Want to reverse the effects of aging, from the inside out

The product and program are not intended to treat any disease or illness. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking medications, please speak with your practitioner about any potential contraindications, before starting the supplement or exercise program.

Why yes there is! We’re glad you asked. If you are not completely satisfied with your AgelessLX product purchase, just return it to us within 30 days, no questions asked — you’ll receive a full refund on your AgelessLX supplement. Note that shipping and handling is not refundable. Just call us at 833-337-9355 and we’ll process your refund.